Advanced* Program Sample

Hours 1 – 8
Examine the diagnostic test together and discuss problematic questions and topics

Student will receive individualized homework, reinforcing foundational material

Administer Practice Test 1

Hours 8 – 14
Tutor will review practice test with student and work on mastering the most important concepts

Proven techniques and time management skills are emphasized and reinforced

Administer Practice Test 2 to re-assess strengths and weaknesses and monitor progress

Hours 14 – 20
Solidify correct test-taking approaches with focus on the nuances

Administer Practice Test 3

Hours 20 – 24
Examine all questions incorrectly answered and further reinforce techniques to bolster student’s test-taking skills and mastery of the material

MasterMinds Prep Provides

  • Diagnostic Test & Detailed Written Assessment
  • Personalized Lesson Plan
  • Flexible Online Instruction Schedule
  • Advanced Concepts & Test Specific Strategies
  • Targeted Practice Tests for Further Development
  • Positive Reinforcement to Reach Optimum Scores
  • Long-Term Benefits for Success


We will review the key features and unique complexities of each exam and apply a high bar of reinforcement, preparation and enrichment.  Let’s start today!


$ 215 per hour


$ 204 per hour
  • 12 Hours
    5% discount


$ 194 per hour
  • 24 Hours
    10% discount


$ 172 per hour
  • 40 Hours
    20% discount

Upcoming Test Dates

2021 SAT Test Dates

May 8th
June 5th
August 28th
October 2nd
November 6th
December 4th

2021 ACT Test Dates

June 12th
July 17th
September 11th
October 23rd
December 11th

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